How to boost the confidence

There are various methods to boost the confidence:

Temporary boost:  Immediate fix to the low confidence problem:

Using body language
Immediate confidence can be gained by changing the body language which alters the mind state to confident. This is best technique for short fixes to be used at the time of interview or for short period to alter the mind state by altering the body language.

Keep both shoulders and spine straight while taking few deep breathing and changing body posture from loose to tight and standing tall while putting awareness on the breathe. This will alter the mind state to confident as the mind gets affected by the changes in the body.

Dress nicely
Wearing the nice dress changes the perception about self.

Think positive
Thinking positive that whatever will happen, happens for good only.

Change negative thoughts
Distract your mind from negative thoughts by thinking about something else.

Smile is contagious and makes others to smile also and boost the confidence.

Clear your desk, room
Clearing the clutter from the work desk and from home provides the good feelings of easiness.

Remember past achievements and relive the experience
Remembering the past achievements changes the mind state to positive side with the perception that I have achieved in the past so can also achieve now.

Recall the past achievement images in the mind and then enlarge them making them more bright, panoramic and nearer to heart and also listen to the sounds, it will create those feelings in the body, imagine which part of the body has these feelings and relive these feelings.

Medium term boost:

Exercise releases the Dopamine “Chemical of goodness” and Regulates the brain chemicals and body hormones.

Picture your success in the mind
Creative visualization about rehearsing the event internally in the mind and intended outcome in details which let go of the fear of unknown and generate confidence in the mind.

Believe in your ability to improve
If looking for the long term change, then think about the abilities weather they are fixed or can be grown like muscles with efforts over time. This understanding is important because it provides the outlook when faced with setbacks.

Volunteer or being part of a group
To become part of a volunteer group like rotary club or any social cause helping group or any speaking club in neighbourhood, it will help to mix with other people and get to know them. It will provide exposure to other people’s thinking and their actions while providing the feelings of gratitude.

Permanent boost:

Set a small goal and achieve it
Shooting for the moon and then feeling discouraged, this is the big mistake which stops from doing anything. Goal should have break down in small parts with first trying to achieve low hanging fruits. After which pick one part of the goal and then work on it. Achieving this will boost the confidence. Sooner it will translate into confidence to achieve big goals.

Look for your mindset and work on it

Fixed Mindset: Your abilities are limited and are part of inheritance from the genes , family, society and education system.

Growth Mindset: Your abilities can be grown with efforts over time and any amount of change is possible with right size effort and effective time duration. Neuro science has shown that the connection in the brain changes with the time and gets strong for the skills and abilities with the practice and becomes weaker if not using them. People having growth mindset are better poised to success.

Harry potter got rejected 12 times before picked by one publisher.
Wright brother made the history by their repeated attempts to redesign the aeroplane.

Studies shows that repeated attempts with improvements better equips the person to face challenges and setbacks and lead to success to the desired. Successful people ask others for advise and try different strategies.

How to have the Growth Mindset:

Get Prepared
How much a student need to prepare for his exams in order to achieve the desired result?
This is the question provides the clue to the pace of study that a student will have.

Having yourself asking the right question to know the ingredients of the desired outcome like competence in the subject knowledge required and the practice hours along with developing the mind focus and concentration.

When we are well prepared then automatically we feel more confident and when not prepared generates the doubt in the mind, having doubt in competence & knowledge robs the confidence.

Raise awareness
Writing down the things which distracts and which helps to reach the goal. Journaling the key thoughts.

Change Habits
Working on the habits like study discipline for a time, not getting distracted by Facebook or mobile. Daily reading to empower with knowledge. Drinking 4 litre of water in a day etc.

Empowering yourself with knowledge
Empowering yourself with knowledge is best strategy for building confidence. By becoming more competent and understanding the depth of a subject creates the confidence and you becomes more knowledge by doing research and study.

Ask questions to yourself and in meetings
Asking questions exposes the mind to the new answers and new perspectives on a subject.

Don’t afraid of mistakes
Mistakes are meant to be corrected, Learnings from mistakes are real and make real change within.

Facing Challenges
There are many things which looks like doing harm to us but later comes out to be very beneficial. Sometime stress do a lot of benefits to us but there must be the recovery time. For example Doing workout in the Gym within limit of the body and then taking rest. Muscles and fibers which got broken would be replaced by new strong muscles and fibers.




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