12 Fallacies of the Mind

1. I am always right
Everyone thinks that he is right while others are being on the wrong side and this happens without conscious awareness, Even the convicted criminals have their arguments to prove that they were right in committing their crime. Terrorist have their perception as if they are doing a godly act.

2. Mind thinks that it is so brainy results in self-obsession.
Self-obsession is the result of inherent belief that I am so intelligent.

3. Whatever in possession is always less
Whatever the amount of wealth earned is always seemed to be short of expectation. I could have done more and there should be more. Any amount of money, property owned is always less in comparison to others. Mind always looks at others to sustain its existence. This is the way social conditioning is.

4. Focussing on the wrong side
When a child is scolded by parents for not studying while being exam on next day. Mind of the child gives weightage to the scolding rather than the fact that he has exam on next day. This applies in everyday situations.

5. Where is the crowd, there is the truth
What others believes or follows is the truth, mind compares truth with the crowd. More number of peoples believes in a belief more it appears to be true. That’s why opinions and viewpoints are very infectious among people, whatever is adopted by other people easily our mind get convinced. in other words, People are cognitively lazy and don’t want to think on their own instead of believing on something without getting it validated. It is conveniently assumed by the mind that if someone else has already adopted something, it can’t be bad.

6. Mind trust others rather than own feelings
Mind has trust on others rather than the self. If suppose 2-3 of your acquaintances says to you in a day that you are looking like ill then mind starts generating the feelings of illness in the body. Self-trust is weak for most of peoples and can be broken down by few number of outside stimuli’s.

7. At the base of mind there is great fear
Few people can’t even sleep alone in a room. Most people can’t live without talking, without seeing other people even for a day. Being alone is the great fear. People needs other people in their surroundings of same culture, religion which generates the feelings of relaxation and security, this is the reason for the grouping of people in the society.

8. Need confirmation from others to be right, wants to avoid the responsibility
Mind wants to be certain that the decision taken by it is correct and does not like later to find it to be incorrect that’s why it wants to reconfirm its decision by taking nod of other people. To carry the full responsibility of big life decisions like marriage and to buy home etc…. it is better to take a collective decision in the family. If any decision like this goes wrong and if it was taken alone then it becomes unbearable for the mind.

9. Prohibitions has more attraction
Whatever is prohibited carries more attraction. When someone is prohibited from doing something then mind tries to attempt it again & again in order to experience it. Movies and books which get banned becomes more popular, people tend to watch those movies. To satisfy their ego & curiosity people tend to do more from which they are prohibited.

10. Frustration & Boredom
If there are challenges then life becomes stressful but when no challenges then it becomes bored. Mind wants the exact amount of challenges with rewards in the continuity as per its strength but the irony is that if it starts happens for a time then it starts getting ego and feels like if the world is moving on its whim. It’s just the vicious cycle and trap.

11. Unpredictable rewards gives high pleasure to the mind
Mind does not like the uncertainty which gives the pain but loves the uncertainty which gives the pleasure. This is the main reason that gamblers play again and again even after losing last time and becomes addicted to gambling because of unexpected win in initial attempts.

That’s why the stories having dramatic unpredictable events becomes most popular. Seeing the main character of the story getting unpredictable reward gives huge pleasure to the readers mind. Just watch in your mind.

12. Mind cannot learn from others experiences
Mind cannot learn from others experiences by placing itself on the other person’s place, but it can re-simulate the whole experience if it had this kind of experience in the past.



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