24 Pointers to the nature of your mind

1. To Dwell on past
Dwelling in the past for analysis and then trying to change as if past can be corrected.

2. To Predict the future
Your mind is obsessed with trying to predict the future – this is how it thinks it can keep you safe. All worry or stress is your mind thinking about the future only.

Whatever has happened can’t be changed and future cannot be predicted, so the best option is to live in present and to know that what’s happening now. But practically to live in present is really difficult and myself tried my best but could not continue for long. But even if we are able to do that for some time say 1 minute, 5 minute consciously then it really gives good feeling.

3. The innate tendency of the mind is to TRY to CONTROL EveryTHing!!
People try to control others because deep down their mind is concerned about the outcome for themselves, there is unconscious fear of survival.

4. Mind does not care about you, it only loves to know the next possibility
Your mind doesn’t care whether it’s good for you, or not – knowing what’s going to happen is the most IMPORTANT thing for the mind.

5. Mind is the terrific pattern matcher from the environment and past memories.

6. The human mind design is like that it goes after uncertain rewards and avoids possible punishments, possibility of uncertain reward is the reason behind gambling and casinos.

7. Mind gets easily impressed by what it has not seen before
Do you know why a child easily gets impressed by anything? Simply because he has never seen anything before and thus anything he sees can be very impressive to him.

8. Mind wants to judge everything, to label everything
But this judgement is based on the past experiences model of the world which in itself is not correct and flawed.

9. To makes ASSUMPTIONS & over simplifications of any event in order to reuse that information next time

10. Amplification – To amplify any situation
The mark of amplification is that the means exceed what is necessary to accomplish the end.

Have you observed that someone doing good things becomes too good after spreading and someone’s small bad behaviour becomes too bad when spread.

11. To Procrastinate
If there is a pain then mind finds all reasons to procrastinate on the goal. Initial learning into anything is procrastinated because of the pain of learning.

12. Resistance & Persistence
There’s a close affinity between resistance and the trap of persistence. In both cases, we continue with what we’re already doing when it would be better to quit. In persistence, we ought to quit because the present activity has lost its value for us. In resistance, the present task does not lose its value; but we ought to quit anyway because something else more important or more pressing has come up.

13. Multi-tasking
we try to attend two things at a time. We participate in a conversation with one ear while at the same time trying to solve a problem that’s been preying on our mind.

14. Mind Loves to predict the outcome
Mind wants to know everything in advance

15. Mind clings to the Old
Mind clings to the old because it has been tested and experienced and does not have the danger of unknown.

16. Old patterns are repeated again & again
In any situation old repeating patterns of feeling unhappy, angry, lonely behaviours repeated because the real new behavioral learning has not been learned which is different from the bookish learning which takes us on a new belief. Which is exactly the type of learning required for actual change.

17. Your mind HATES to learn
Because learning involves change, and change is unpredictable, which is Terrifying for the mind.

Your mind will do EVERYTHING to convince you NOT to change with reasons like:
I’m too old to change
I’m too young to change
People Will laugh at me

18. Anger is the strategy to avoid facing the situation

19. Mind is like a crowded public place where many voices are struggling to be heard.

20. Mind works like the pendulum, one extreme bounces back to other extremes like too much of excitement is bound to bring too much of dullness and once very angry, it is bound to have compassion.

21. ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. Therefore, always keep the mind engaged in some worthwhile pursuit, something that requires application of the mind.

22. You don’t think about what is in front of you, you think about what is absent.

23. Immediate pleasure is the gain
Mind give weightage to what it likes and ignores the other information and facts which are essential/important in life. It looks for the sudden pleasure rather than the long term vision.

24. Forcing it will creates opposites pull stronger and mind will be creating more noise — Monkey Mind effect


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