We do not think in rationalized way, it’s difficult for the mind to process the situational information each time rather than using the preconceived ideas.

For example:

=> Narendra Modi only does the marketing instead of work on the ground
=> Congress is corrupt and does not have the strong leadership

Both of above statements shows the generalization about the political opponents in India, supporters of both parties are firm in their belief so that they do not consider any good thing done by the other party, it’s totally rejection of the idea of goodness with the other party. This strategy clearly lacks the rationalization and stamps the all good or bad rather than judging each action and then cumulatively weight the better one.

My take on rationalization: For example
Congress Government given the RTI, Aadhar, MNERGA… these 3 flagship schemes are really very good.

Modi Government given Jan-dhan Scheme, Implementation of DBT, handled Doklam issue and controlled corruption at the highest level in highly mature way.

Congress-UPA government could not boost the export in its 2nd inning from 2009-2014 and these 5 years India lost dearly the any chance of manufacturing capacity building and this was a lost period for the manufacturing growth because of policy paralysis and corruption entanglement of the UPA government.

Modi government launched much hyped Make in India and start up India, both could not yield the desired results. Demonetization had the good intentions no doubt about it but implementation failed miserably.

When a person looks at events and judge them rather than generalization, it helps the social awareness to grow and the development at the faster pace as this forces the decision makes to consider the conscience of the people for every event and they fear for the results if not give their best.

From above analogy of rationalization its becomes difficult to make decision weather which party is good or bad rather both are good or bad proportionally. Like If I have to give points to both parties, I would give below points:

=> 55 out of 100 to congress
=> 65 out of 100 to BJP
which was 75 in 2014 when BJP came to power. I deducted 10 points for the implementation failure of demonetization and failure of Make in India which indeed is most urgent requirement of country to creates jobs. But I also added 5 points for its successful handling of Doklam issue and the capital spending on the infrastructure projects which generally remains low in congress regime and their effort to get indigenous capabilities in defence sector.

Nobody is holy cow specially in politics, its exists only in theories, when the social awareness reaches to a level then public starts judging the events and provide feedback to the government, immediate feedback would be very much possible with everybody on the internet and mobile and will encourage the governments for the good decisions and highly critical of their bad decisions to improve upon.

But how the mind works in both modes, using generalization to label/blame a government on the basis of preconceived ideas and beliefs is easy but second approach of rationalization requires more conscious attention to the issue and to be aware of the related facts and data figures and then to judge the event. This requires the mind to process the huge data and to not bind with a belief, to be without belief generates the uncertainty in the mind which also has to be dealt along with judging the event. With increasing social awareness everyday in this era of news and social media, hope rationalization will be the approach rather then generalization soon.





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