How to Overcome Starting difficulty

This really my favourite as it directly relate to my blogging experience, what you experience when you start out any new activity.

=> First initial resistance and then
=> frustration,
=> lots of questions in the mind,
=> ego boggling,
=> reasons to not continue
=> and then a mental struggle to do it or not do it and find a middle path to satisfy the ego, mind and to have peace in the mind.

I have summed up many things in above lines, you would have also experienced such thing while doing something new in your life like?

=> Dropping a year for the preparation of competitive exams
=> Starting a new venture
=> Weather to do business or job
=> Learning new language or subject first time
=> Starting a blog or writing a new book
=> Weather to change the job work domain for better growth but having risk

There are many situations in life when one have juggling mind state while being not able to understand the feelings and the constant struggle in the mind goes on between different thoughts weighting the different factors and when the decision is made in favour of one option then other option starts throwing its advantages more vigorously and this sucks up all energy. This is not just indecisiveness but also overthinking and requires the detachment from the mind in order to see the situation instead of tangle into it.

How to overcome this difficulty:

=> Write all pros and cons

=> Once a decision is taken , write it in sticky notes or somewhere to remember continuously

=> Accept the possible failure

=> Let Go

=> Take Spiritual Dose “Whatever happens, happens for good only”.

=> How this decision will matter to me in 5, 10, 20, 30 years of timespan

=> If not pursue the goal how will I utilize the saved energy & time

=> What if I pursue, weather get failed or find success, will it lift my personal growth

=> Risk versus Growth calculation

=> If successful , how it will change the life forever

=> If skip, there won’t be guilt & repentance in life later

=> What will be my personal growth after this decision

These above points provides the clarity in the moments of initial resistance and indecisiveness before starting on something new.




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