11 Jobs of your Mind

1. To protect you, First & foremost job: To avoid the dangers
By its very design the mind is a survival machine that looks out for fear. Understanding this nature of your mind provides a space in the mind which allows the fears instead of trying to shut it up every time it has a fearful thought.

2. Trying to predict the future
In the past our ancestors walked through the forests and might have noticed that an animal was progressing toward a route that he is taking, so he decided to head in another direction, this foresight proved valuable to survival and mind got obsessed with trying to predict the future, this is how it thinks it can keep us safe. That’s why the mind is always so obsessed to know the future and fake astrologers takes advantage of this.

3. To solve the problems in the life
To solve every problem in life right away is the mission of your mind. Just watch your mind, how it works overnight on every small or big problem of life.

4. To generate understanding
Many times the problems does not have a solution for example Why this tree has red leaves?
This question does not have any answer but this question generates a understanding in the mind about this type of tree. Understanding is always required weather the problem is solvable or not.

5. To Learn and makes the learning reusable
To learn everything which is concerned in life and then to make it reusable for the next time, that’s how the beliefs and preconceived idea, opinion are forms in the mind.

6. The mind’s job is to create a vision
Remember that the real job/potential of your mind is to create vision of its desired reality and all minds are well designed to do this. Your mind’s job is not to figure out “how” it’s going to manifest the desired reality, but rather to stay allowing of life’s intelligence to orchestrate the required events to bring forth the manifestation. The required ideas and actions will be originated in you in a place of inspiration from the intelligence of your life stream.

7. To avoid mistakes
Not a make the same mistake again.

8. Day-dreaming
This might look waste and unworthy of time and mental bandwidth occupied but it is necessary otherwise unfulfilled desires will create the pressure within you to the point unbearable. Day-dreaming just works like the dreams in the night while sleeping which offloads the pressure of unfulfilled desires from within.

9. To have safe future
Unknown territory have their fears. walking on unknown path creates the uncertainty within, i.e. it’s always easy to follow the crowd and always difficult to walk on a lonely path.

10. To arrive at a conclusion
To conclude everything while labelling and judging it, mind does not like the open threads. It can’t live with open questions within it, consciously or subconsciously these questions have the impacts on the working of the mind and forces it to find their answers. This is what Einstein mean when he said that “I just have the questions for longer time in my mind”. Not to hurry with answers to questions which requires their own time for matured solutions is what makes intelligent people different from others.

11. To have justification to every act
Mind can’t do anything which it considers wrong, in any way it has a justification inside whatever the heinous crime is or the harmful act is. No criminal or anyone cannot do any task for which they don’t have justification, the moment of action always followed by the conscious or subconscious justification for the action taken.











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