How not to forget again

Forgot the car papers in hometown while traveling back to Gurgaon, it had put me in a state of contemplation as why this happened with so important matter like car papers and not to repeat this mistake again.There are few observable things:

=> While coming back from my hometown, I could not remember that I had taken out my car papers. There were not even a feeling regarding missing something while coming back.

=> It generally happens with many things in life like to start a medicine and then to forget to take it on schedule, this generally happens with homeopathic medicines.

=> But the medicines which to alleviate the current discomfort and pain in the body are perfectly remembered but once the illness is gone then the last dosages are forgotten.

=> This also happens while going to market to buy few items and then forgets something out of mind if the list is not in written.

=> Somebody told something but forgets in few hours.

Our mind is master in forgetting things but it does so to declutter itself from non essential and less important information which does not have the priority.

But it remembers things which are high in impact or critical to the survival:

=> Any important statement from the senior in office
=> Something which is been told by a very rich and powerful person like politician,very senior guy in office automatically gains importance in the mind.
=> Medicines to be taken to alleviate the immediate pain
=> It also remembers the very unique information which it encounters and mind have interest in it

Why mind forgets things?

Our conscious mind is very limited in its capacity as it can only remember 5+-2, it means generally a person can only remembers 3 things at a time consciously and at max 7 with efforts and practice, more than that is not possible. Think for a moment mind sees hundreds of vehicles and their number plates what if it starts storing all this information like cars colors , numbers, their passengers…our memory and the brain will be overloaded to process this unnecessary information so mind delete the information which it considers unnecessary.

Is there any way to escape this limitation of the mind?

Yes, like to make the list of items with every important activity in life , like before driving the car confirm mentally if the car has papers and fuel and slowly to make it is an mental habit. This would be like an associated checklist with every activity which needs attention.

This concept of checklist with daily routines, health, traveling and in office can be an extended feature in the software of the mind but it requires effort mentally to practice it first consciously till it becomes an habit so that brain automatically activates the neurons automatically for the mind to look for the checklist if it is completed, It would be just few seconds affair and very helpful in long run but needs practice and efforts initially.





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