Power of being Cloud, lets know the future!

What you are thinking?… Cloud in the sky’s!
No…I am not talking about those beautiful clouds which we in our childhood used to follow and loved to see the various images in them and then having the arguments if which cloud is better.

Here, I am talking about the new thing in the technological arena, called Cloud which is very fast encapsulating our life and becoming a daily part of us without making any fuss.

We must understand the concept of cloud which is going to be inseparable part of ourselves not digitally but in future to be part of our brain and body.

You use mobile and access various applications, where is your data gets stored, have you thought of it. If you are a technical guy and belongs to software field then you might be aware of this cloud. But this cloud things has started expanding into things which we can’t even imagine and scientists are thinking in term if future is nothing but cloud.

What is cloud:
Cloud is the shared network of software & servers having large number of processors and this server capacity can be shared among various software applications used by thousands of companies. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive and connect to users computers/mobiles via the internet usually via web browser. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. This diminishes the requirement by the end user companies to have their servers to host their applications. Currently IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Google all other big companies are vying to get hold in this field.

Digital Brain & Neuron Lace:
have you heard about this, if not then you would have heard about the Elon Musk , the CEO of Tesla motors which is creating waves in this world by making electrical mobility a possibility and now every country is chasing this dream and cherishing as they would have to import less oil and will be able to save their much needed Forex like India.

Neuron laces are the devices like the chips which can be transplanted in your brain and these chips will be connected with the cloud. Cloud which will be having millions of processors with huge processing capacity which will be supporting your brain’s neocortex in terms of thinking, conceptually infinite ability to process unlimited amount of data for your brain. It just be like an extended brain for yourself.

This thing can change the whole world in a way that we can’t even imagine. It means what a scientist used to take years in understanding any new concept , now all this understanding will be ready made.

Now what 100 scientists are collaborating over a project and using their mind capacity to decode one part of the project, now all this can be done very fast with the aid of extended brain from the cloud servers which will be acting as the artificial neocortex and the collaboration can happen in digital brains in clouds.

Our biological neocortex takes repeated attempts to learn anything specially complex logic’s while associating them with other knowledge but this digital neocortex over cloud can learn very fast and can collaborate with other digital brains over cloud very efficiently and easy.

It may not be going to be very common for everybody soon but definitely it will be going to be part of scientists and researcher, soldiers in the near future and will augments every fields touching the lives of all of us.

Think of a scientist having this ability
Think of a soldier having this ability

Although neuron laces are going to impact our lives directly or indirectly in a huge way in future but lets have a look on Pros and cons of cloud wave happening in present:

=> companies are moving their software and hardware infrastructure over cloud to save huge amount of cost.

=> It will allow innovation as the service provider will have to cater to various end user companies requirements.

=> It will allow to reduce the cost as the cost is relative to the usage, medium and small scale companies who could not support the best IT infrastructure because of cost, they can now afford the services which may help them in having efficient operations.


Anything which have advantages, must also have the disadvantages.

=> Because of the sharing in software and hardware infrastructure and automation of the services, a large chunk of jobs are going to be truncated.

=> There is going to be a churning in the IT sector. People need to re-skill themselves and move into new technologies very fast from the way it has been anticipated.

=> Small companies will find it difficult to survive for their products and services as their cost attraction factor will be robbed.

=> Data over cloud can be misused or sold for other purposes like marketing without your intention.

Data theft issues:
Many apps over android or apple, which generally asks us to creates login and this way our vital information goes into the cloud storage of theirs. You might be wondering that how this can harm you. Yes it can harm you if this information goes into the hand of your somebody or organization who they not worry about you but caring just for their profit.






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