Future belongs to videos or writing

One of my friend who is doing video blogging and inspired me towards the video blogging by telling its advantage, I discussed this with him and then decided to give thought on both way of blogging “Writing versus video blogs”.

Advantages of writing:

=> Can have a glance over the book or blog’s titles, headlines and then decide to read or not

=> Huge content can be read in less time in comparison to videos, which by the way takes their play time

=> At high competency level, experts who regularly read books, gain more knowledge in less time by skim reading in which they focus only on desired part of content not all content need to be read. but in case of video they don’t have such liberty.

=> People still love to read news papers in this digital era, so the love for the reading can not be taken away by videos.

=> Reading speed get adjusted to the readers competency and choice while the video content speed depends on the delivery of the presenters.

Advantages of video contents:

=> Videos & audios have their advantage while driving or doing some repetitive task, reading is not possible while driving the car but listening a audio, video can utilize this time.

=> Videos have advantage of arousing multiple senses of visual, audio, kinesthetic for the body language & feeling. While reading only uses the audio sense and conscious abstract system of learning.

=> Videos are best for the beginners on any subject to grasp the subject.

=> Visual part is the dominant sense in learning, so it helps to leans fast and to remember information for long time.


Videos are good for the beginners for learning any new subject like a new software language, while writing is good as the expertise level grows. Both have their advantages in respective learning situations.




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