42 Mind hacks in daily life

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin


1. People always have all the resources, but at the time of reaction not all are accessible. This is the reason that Mind state plays very critical role in performance and now a days almost all of the professional players, actors have coaches to enhance their mind state.

2. Every person considers their perspective correct until not looking at others perspective. For them the truth is what they know is right.

3. Power equation. Its very easy for the mind to speak in front of sub-ordinates, peers and friends but little difficult in front of manager but really it need confidence to speak to CEO. Law of power is the most vital to the mind.

4. True confidence only comes after overcoming the negative experience.

5. Incorporating as many as possible of the five senses  into everyday activities can stimulate the brain. Getting dressed with the eyes closed, listening to music while smelling the flowers and the surrounding nature, and watching clouds while playing with modeling clay, are all simple ways to exercise the mind by using many senses at once.

6. Driving a different route to work or school on a daily basis are good examples of breaking a comfortable habit.

7. Why do people see faces in nature, interpret window stains as human figures, hear voices in random sounds generated by electronic devices, Ufologists see a face on Mars. Religionists see the religious symbols on the side of a building. This is called “patternicity,” or the tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise.

8. If the safety & security is too much of concern then your mind will confine & control you.

9. Mind is constantly scanning the past and looking for the pattern which it thinks will help it to predict the future.

10. Think of your mind as a policeman whose job it is to protect you Which is why your mind is obsessed with trying to predict the future – this is how it thinks it can keep you safe.

11. Person who loves attention has an unconscious goal of becoming popular.

12. The guy who worries all the time has the unconscious goal of being in control.

13. Too much of shyness reflects the lack of self-worth and thinking pattern that something is wrong with you.

14. How checking the clock affects your mood

Imagine you had lots of work to do and by 2:30 you weren’t so late. 7 minutes later when it becomes 2:37 there is a big possibility that you will feel irritated if you didn’t believe you are on time.

When we see a “37” we unconsciously think that this hour is about to end even though we still have 23 minutes. This feeling usually doesn’t happen at 2:35 because your subconscious mind would still think that you have half an hour left.

15. If you have a boring task then mind defer it till the end and then procrastinate over it.

16. Why do you think you can’t wake up early that easy? It’s because your subconscious mind is not convinced that waking up early that day will be of a great benefit. What’s funny is that after few weeks of failing to wake up at 7 am you can succeed in doing it the same day you know that you have an exam at 8, this happens because your subconscious mind becomes aware this time of the importance of waking up early and so it helps you in doing it.

17. Why would someone become addicted to news?
Just like the food we eat can change our brain chemicals our thoughts can change them as well. The way some people process news can result in instant mood changes that forces them to become addicted to it. In real life the relationship between the news a person consumes and his mood is usually more complex that it sometimes can’t be noticed on the conscious level.

18. A child who was raised by parents who used to ignore her emotional needs will grow up and become an adult who needs excessive care.

19. Why do we get bored of movies when we see them more than once?
Its because we know what will happen next and so the excitement fades away.

20. Studies found that people find faces which are easier to process by their brains more attractive. But what determines the ease of processing of facial features? Its familiarity and similarity !

21. People judge your attractiveness based on your overall looks and it will rarely happen that someone judge your appearance based on a single face feature such as your lips or your nose.

22. The human mind always tries to fill the gaps with information that can make it happy.

23. People quickly forget about resolved matters but always remember unfinished businesses. So in short, if a person is unsure that you like him then he will never stop thinking about you.

24. More a person feels comfortable around you the more attractive he will find you! This means that if you gave attention to a person who needs attention or if you smiled to a person who wants others to care about him you will be considered more attractive!

25. The human mind makes a great use of associations during its working. Some people fear darkness just because its associated with evil in their minds while others never find anything fearsome about darkness.

26. Subconscious mind always connects similar objects to each other then associates them with the same emotions even if there was no logical connection between them.

Its not uncommon for a man who fears the unknown to end up fearing darkness and its not uncommon for a woman who feels jealous of her friends to end up fearing cats.

27. Psychologists found that women prefer men who are taller than them because they help them satisfy their hard wired need for security and protection.

28. We feel bad whenever something reminds us of one of our emotional wounds. If for example you saw a new car then you are very likely to remember the beautiful car you wrecked two weeks ago.

29. Adults try to replicate the environment they used to live in when they were children if it was favorable. On the other hand, if the conditions a child was raised in was not favorable then he will try to avoid encountering the same situations he encountered in his past when he becomes an adult.

30. When people face something that they don’t understand they quickly rush to make conclusions based on their current knowledge base without putting in mind that in some cases they need to get more information.

31. As you keep trying and trying you get close to figuring out how you can make it. Each attempt gives you new insights and teaches you how can you do it correctly.

32. Drinking Redbull or any energy drink in the world won’t be able to give you the slightest push if the lack of energy is stemming from within. When you become depressed your mind withdraws all the energy from your body and you won’t feel like wanting to do anything even if you used energy drinks.

33. Suppressing your emotions and ignoring your problems can only lead to depression.

34. A realization “At 18 I worried about what everyone thought of me, at 40 I stopped caring what they thought, and at 65 I realized they weren’t thinking about me at all.”

35. Excessive Need for Approval means “I can only be happy if people like me. If someone is upset, it’s probably my fault.”

36. When things are present you don’t think about them, but when they are not present anymore you start thinking about them. Have you not experienced this yourself?

37. Being in the same situation helps to feel others plight and condition, being alone helps you see the loneliness of others and that is why poor friends & relatives are more helpful than rich friends & relatives.

38. Brain purposefully forgets lots of memories in order to avoid information overload.

39. Brain is genetically wired to eat, reproduction and sleep, there skills are not required to learn by anybody.

40. Procrastinators actively look for the distractors like Facebook, whatapps.

41. Holding back tears and pretending to be OK puts a lot of stress on the brain. Crying is good for the health.

42. In sleep , memories are rearranged and connections are made strong for the frequently used information nodes.






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