Why People follows the fake saints!

Romit father was told by his friend & neighbour Shalabh’s father that a saint has blessed their family and after this within 3 days he got the offer letter for the job from one of the company which he applied. So he advised the Romit father to also make a visit to that saint.

What do you think, Shalabh got the job because of saint blessing or because he had already applied in many companies, did preparation, given interviews and was awaiting job offer.

But as it happened after the visit to the saint so the credit should be given to the saint or to the Shalabh hard work?
and most important why the Shalabh father given the credit to the saint for the job rather than to the Shalabh efforts?
and how this one event may start a chain reaction which would soon make this saint a famous personality in the community and region?

People have their faith in the religion and the faith is an asset many times to the ego, so whenever something like that happens people not just telling others in the surrounding about the saint but also telling about themselves… look how I got the reward because of my faith.

This is the main reason that most of the people whose wishes do not get fulfilled after making the visits to the saints and shrine they don’t make a fuss about that but the people whose wishes get fulfilled they beats the drum around and this is how the fake saints business gets impoverished. These wishes gets fulfilled because of their effort which is always a probability that if 100 people are visiting a Saint for their 100 problems then many of these problem will automatically resolved by their effort and over time.

Rohit was walking with his friend, suddenly a cat crossed their way, his friend asked him to stop and wait for a minute as the cat has crossed their way and it not a good sign. Why the cat belief get spread in Indian society because nobody wants to take credit for the bad event and blame the outside factors for their failure or the bad event happened. May be in past a person blamed the cat crossing over his way for his bad day and this somehow got spread and other people’s confirmation to this strengthened this social belief over time.

For example number 3 is not so auspicious in India and number 4 is considered good while in china number 4 is considered unlucky. Social beliefs vary from one society to other societies.


Both above examples shows how the social belief system works in India. In other parts of the world there may be the different beliefs depending on the basis of the culture and their evolutionary social system but in the same fashion their social beliefs works.




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