Sub conscious Mind applications in daily life

In daily life, we buys the products form the market, we have habits from going Gym to reading, watching television , smoking and have expertise in playing games like cricket, badminton. Our work in office goes on without our conscious awareness. All this happens without our conscious awareness by the subconscious mind. When we think about something then thoughts form the past connecting in a pattern gets offloaded in our awareness and getting emotions while thinking about something all this happens because of our subconscious mind working in a particular fashion, Lets explore these phenomena of subconscious mind:


Habits & subconscious Mind:
Suppose you have acidity because of coffee and decide to leave drinking coffee or you decide to stop smoking but it does not happen. Your desire to have this happen gets faded in sometime after initial effort.

Why this happens, because that decision made in the conscious mind but the habit lies in the subconscious mind. After taking this decision while being awake in the day when you go to sleep then subconscious mind work on the decision made by the conscious mind.

Subconscious mind then evaluates the decision to stop drinking coffee or stop smoking while fetching all existing experiences associated with these habits. From the experience memory reservoir, it sees the 5000 positive experiences associated with the habit of drinking coffee and 10000 positive experiences being associated with smoking cigarette from your past, these experiences could be like mood refreshing, feel good, in morning it help to relieve constipation and helps the mind to take a break.

On the basis of number of experiences and the weightage they carry, subconscious mind outright rejects the conscious mind decision. Here willpower is of little help as Subconscious mind is around 90 percent of of the mind and conscious mind only 10%. In the scenarios of change happened only 2% of the population is able to change their habits using their willpower, rest 98% takes help from the hypnotherapist.


How we form habits; Learning car driving:

Over a period habit is created, habit is very powerful thing.. we don’t realize that…. when we start to learn car.. how difficult it gets in the first few day.. to handle steering and gear, pressing clutch and brake..and looking in front and back..and in side to the left and right…being control of the car direction and speed. How difficult it seems initially but after practice what happens we don’t even need to be aware of pressing clutch or brake.. everything happens automatically. If all these are considered different processes/programs to be operated upon in order to run the car.. it means conscious mind can only take charge of only one process/program at a time and as the expertise increases, function to run the process/program passes to the subconscious mind…and subconscious mind is taking charge of these multiple functions simultaneously while taking information input in the friction of a second and body automatically responding by controlling the steering and pressing clutch, brake and changing gear.

As we keep doing the things on daily basis then you become unconsciously competent. You can be listening the music or talking to somebody on Bluetooth or talking to co-passenger and driving the car.You are driving without even thinking to take right or left while going to home.


Pattern & subconscious Mind:

We think that we are thinking but we think in the same way. We have the pattern in our way of thinking and pattern in responding. In same type of situations we respond in exactly in the same way. When we decide to change the response but in the new instance of the situation, we respond in the same way again unless we are very-2 consciously aware. consciously aware means able to see every every instruction generated in the mind before it generates the reaction or response in the automatic mode. Most of the time we live in default mode.

These already formed habits have the very strong neuro pathways associated in the brain; in order to break these associations very-2 conscious attention is required.


Skill & subconscious Mind:

This habit forming capacity of the subconscious mind is very powerful and this is what differentiate an experienced person from the fresher. It means experience has taught a lot of things to subconscious mind…many real life factors and the way to deal with situations which otherwise a fresher guy does not have.

Can this process of learning by the subconscious be enhanced, by using contemplation and outlining the strengths and weaknesses and working over them consciously over a period of time will help the subconscious mind to gain expertise in any desired skill, many people feels enthusiastic in the beginning but gets discouraged soon. We need to know that every skill has its associated complexities and requires a specific amount of dedicated effort over a period of time. One can not become expert batsman in cricket while being best foot ball player and best writer. To become expert in any skill requires ample amount of time and effort…

What you think the effort required to become expert driver?
What is the effort that the worlds best Olympic players required?
What is the effort a person required to become a specialized doctor?
To become expert in any software coding language?
To write a book?
To become member of national level cricket team?
To become a politician?
To become successful businessman?
To gets comfortable in new job and new company?
To become a good cook?
To become chess champion?

Every skill mentioned above requires relevant time and effort over a period of time, to write your first book might take 1 year while to become world chess champion might require effort of 10 years or more. There are skill which takes decades of effort. Even for an easy skill like to become a good car driver might take few months and so on to become good cook. Life is short having only few decades at hand to work, so choosing the path of life and then working on that vigorously is the key for success in life. here is the key is the perseverance and sustainability which is the parameter in which most of us gets fail.


Subconscious mind & Values:
what is most important to subconscious mind is the value hierarchy. What you value most is going to figure our dominantly in your life. This is also creates the mindset. Looking everything form the prism of the value system is also called the mindset.


Subconscious Mind & questions:

whatever questions resides in the mind or the most dominating thoughts of the mind is, subconscious mind starts finding the patterns in that direction in all incoming data form our 5 senses or from the past experiences data stored in the mind, it is like connecting the dots.
As subconscious find any new question it starts putting previous experiences and the beliefs in this direction.

(questions + patterns + beliefs) combination of these three determines the direction of working of the subconscious mind.

I can’t do it
I can do it

When sometime you have uneasy feeling over something that means your subconscious mind is feeling the lack of some skill required to complete that task. When ”
I can’t do it” kind of thoughts generates within from the subconscious mind then it is the message saying that task can not done with the current resources and skill.

Suppose when you ask a question to yourself that why the bad thing happens with me?

Then the subconscious mind connects all the information in the mind which provides the feelings in favour of the question asked and then it would connect all those dots in the life happened with bad experiences or will take count of the past experiences from the negative perspectives. After which you find thought reaction like you do not deserve this, you cant have better life. Whatever bad has happened in the life till now and so on.This is the way subconscious reacts to the questions asked.

Interesting thing here to note is that the positive or negative perspective of initial question asked determines how the dots from the past will be connected. This is the reason that a negative reaction might get into anger or rage depending upon the previous dots it connects in the mind.




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