How to handle dis-satisfaction

When you have the feelings of dis-satisfaction, its generally when
not being able to get promotion,
not getting the desired job,
not getting desired results in an activity
not able to earn required money,
not able to get desired success,
not able to get out of debt trap or anything
Facing the health issues
not able to see life fulfilling in any preconceived way
Any other reason which makes you sad and dis-satisfied

Any of above situation left an undesired feeling in the mind and body. This feeling does not do any harm but puts the person in a dis-comfortable mind state which over the long term alienate socially when one does not feel good about himself and just want to be alone. How to handle these feelings:

1. Don’t try to run away from these feelings. There is nothing bad to be alone, it provides the awareness about self, the way you feel about yourself and the things which you care and don’t care.

2. Let’s be OK. let’s ok with the feelings of the dis-satisfaction while being aware of those feelings. Don’t try to crush these feelings by exerting mental pressure on these and bury them in your unconscious.

3. These feelings can be your guide to your inner core, which may carry you to the core of your being which you have not known before.

4. Lets accept that, things are as could have in the large scheme of things, you can never know the universe intention, what may be offing in the future.

5. You can accept this as your luck but it should not lower your enthusiasm although it should increase your ability to fight back as luck always favours the people you try harder next time. Luck starts losing its string in favour of desire in the journey of life with persistence onto path with hard work, this has been proven in numerous theories and in the lives of all successful people.

6. Accept what has been presented by the universe and if the gratitude is not flowing then let it be ok with it. Let’s there be the resentment feeling in you and accept them with love and kindness for being so caring for you, this resentment feeling is the result of one part in you who is really worried for you and wants the results in your favour. Let say thank to this part in you. It can be named ego, false-self, whatever by any name. But it is something in you which have the capability to fight for you. Let say thank to this part in you.

7. Let’s not see the life from one perspective only, life is very vast and dynamic, you can’t look at life from one perspective and judge it and labelling it good or bad, which we just do in order to escape the responsibility for the failure and sometimes it acts as an immediate relief but making this as life time habit is not going to be more productive, it kills the curiosity to enter in you and the chance to make a change within. So, let’s try not to move away.

8. Don’t use distractions like television, reading, immediate calling your friend or something to take your mind into something else to avoid this feeling of dis-satisfaction, let’s not kill these. instead try to watch the feeling and follow silently to the way it moves in you mentally, physically by means of sensations in the muscles, increasing heart beat or generating emotional energy.

9. Lets be aware, running away does not make these feelings die instead these are carried into subconscious and your conscious mind forgets until triggered by some other situation again. But forgetting consciously is not the solution, it makes these feelings suppressed and orphans in the subconscious which may be joined by other suppressed feelings in the past and together they create momentum and starts impacting the physiology and may manifest into various diseases which scientists call psychosomatic diseases.

10. I know it is not going to be done in single attempt, it is going to take various attempts when you feel comfortable while following your feelings. I was freighted initially to see within but later it came out to the best thing to know myself in a way never before and it opened an avenue to synchronize various parts of myself and live to be with myself rather than running away from me.



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