Sub conscious Mind applications in daily life

In daily life, we buys the products form the market, we have habits from going Gym to reading, watching television , smoking and have expertise in playing games like cricket, badminton. Our work in office goes on without our conscious awareness. All this happens without our conscious awareness by the subconscious mind. When we think … Continue reading Sub conscious Mind applications in daily life


11 Jobs of your Mind

1. To protect you, First & foremost job: To avoid the dangers By its very design the mind is a survival machine that looks out for fear. Understanding this nature of your mind provides a space in the mind which allows the fears instead of trying to shut it up every time it has a … Continue reading 11 Jobs of your Mind

What is Mind

When a phone is sold, it is sold by a mind and bought by a mind. It was made by conceptualization of mind only. When there is hate or love, all this is between minds. One mind is having feeling for another mind. Life is transactional and all these transactions happens between minds. But the … Continue reading What is Mind